An Mi-28 helicopter crashed in Crimea. Both pilots died

An Mi-28 helicopter crashed in Crimea.  Both pilots died

A Mi-28 helicopter crashed in the Dzhankoy region of Crimea during a training flight, both pilots died. On this subject informed TASS in reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The accident happened on May 12 at 3:42 pm “The flight was carried out without ammunition. There is no destruction on earth. Both pilots were killed,” the ministry said.

The Ministry of Defense identified the equipment failure as a preliminary cause of the accident. A commission of the Main Command of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia was sent to the crash site.

The Mi-28 helicopter is designed to search and destroy armored vehicles, engineering fortifications, air targets and enemy personnel in the face of active fire resistance using aircraft guns, guided missiles and unguided and other weapons.

There are several modifications of the Mi-28: the Mi-28N “Night Hunter” attack, the Mi-28UB combat trainer and the modernized Mi-28NM “Night Hunter”.

The Ministry of Defense has repeatedly reported on the participation of the Mi-28 in the performance of combat missions during the military operation in Ukraine.

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